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How to celebrate International Mother Earth Day during Corona Virus pandemic?

Mother Earth day 2020

How to celebrate International Mother Earth Day during Corona Virus pandemic?

International Earth Day

Earth Day is widely recognized as the planet’s most significant civic event, in the world, marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human behaviour and provoke policy changes. Earth day is celebrated annually on the 22nd of April in more than 193 countries. Celebrating earth day is a proposal made in a UNESCO conference to honour the Earth and the concept of peace. Numerous communities celebrate earth week, an entire week of activities focused on the environmental issues that the world faces. 

First Earth day

First earth day 1970
On the 22nd of April 1970

The first Earth Day was held on the 22nd of April 1970. An estimate 20 million people nationwide attended festivities that day. For the many people who care for the environment, Earth day became the first opportunity to join in a nationwide demonstration to send the message “Protect our planet”. On the first Earth day, more than 10% population in United States-took to the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. Thousands of colleges and universities organized programmes to celebrate Earth day.

corona virus and earth day 2020

International Earth Day 2020 

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Earth day. The theme for the Earth day 2020 is “CLIMATE ACTION”. Earth Day 2020 will be far more than a day as many of us are undergoing a huge threat “COVID 19” pandemic. This situation must be a historical moment when people of the world rise in a united call to change their daily activities in an eco-friendly manner. 

How to celebrate International Mother Earth day during Corona Virus pandemic

Nature is suffering. COVID-19 virus has become a huge threat nowadays. As it has been spread among many countries worldwide, the main cities of many countries have now been lockdown. Coronavirus outbreak poses vast public health and the global economy at risk. People are dying, suffering as same as the mother nature does. 

As many of us are now being quarantined, simple changes in your daily routines that yet essential to maintain an eco-friendly environment may be meaningful. 

1. Add plants to your home  

planting on earthday 2020

Making your house greenery may give you both mental and physical health. Try your best to use the harvest of your garden at your dinner table. Grow your spices in your garden such as ginger, coriander, garlic, onion and paprika. Adding plants to your home may reduce the heat and give moisture to your house.

2. Shop eco-friendly products

Shop eco-friendly products earth day 2020
Zero waste concept. Eco bags with fruits and vegetables, glass jars with beans, lentils, pasta. Eco-friendly shopping,

Using eco-friendly products in your home may reduce waste and help your daily routines. Commonly, we are used to selecting the most comfortable products with containers and well packed, while shopping. Try your best to fill your shopping cart always with eco-friendly products as a simple action may much essential to protect our mother earth. 

3. Unplug electric items when not in use

less use electricity earth day 2020

Maintain a habit of unplugging every item after using as it may reduce wasting energy. Try your best to unplug all the things at night. Simple actions may make you an eco-friendly person. 

4. Compost food waste

compost on earthday 2020

Wasting food is so bad. When food rots with other organics and landfill, it gives off methane gas which is 25X potent than carbon pollution. Here is a good trick for you to make your waste food effectively. Use a compost bin or a space in your garden to make compost. You can use your homemade compost on your plants. 

5. Reduce using the car

less use your car earthday 2020

Try best to leave your car home as it may reduce carbon pollution. Use public transportation as much as possible. If it’s a small distance, try to walk. Walking will make you healthier as well. But during this COVID-19 outbreak, staying home is the most suitable thing.

6. Collect rainwater

save rain water for reuse earthday 2020

Rainwater won’t be a waste if it has been collected. Collecting rainwater may reduce your water-bill too as you can use collected rainwater while watering your garden. You can use this non-drinking water in cleaning as well. 

7. Switch to reusable bags

eco products earthday 2020

Using reusable products are eco-friendly. Carry your eco-friendly bag while shopping and reduce using polythene bags. 

8. Turn off lights when you are leaving

less usage of electricity to save earth 2020 earth day

This is a good habit to maintain. While you are leaving the bedroom, washroom, study room or dining room, make sure to switch off all the lights and electronic items. It may also reduce your electricity bill. Teach your kids this eco-friendly habit for a better future world. Because most of the time, when generating electricity, harmful gases and harmful results are releasing to the environment. So saving power = saving mother nature.

9. Shop eco-friendly clothing products

eco frindly cloths earthday 2020

Try your best to choose eco-friendly clothing while prioritizing on your fashions and designs. Go ahead with the eco-friendly brands as it may be a simple act that can do to protect the mother earth while fashioning. Subscribe to make an eco-friendly fashion trend.

10. Using cloth towels

reusable towels on earthday 2020

Have a set of cloth towels in your washroom and your kitchen. Use cloth serviettes or rags to wipe your face and hands instead of paper towels. It is also cheaper to handle a cloth towel rather than buying a new roll of paper towels every week.  

So, during this Coronavirus lockdown period, try your best to convert your daily routines to an eco-friendly method. This Quarantine period gives us time to sit back, relax and meditate on how bad we have treated the mother earth so far and how to protect the Earth for a better future. Use Earth day 2020 to make yourself an eco-friendly person and keep in mind the message “Protect our planet” in every simple task you do. We only have one other Earth, so treat her right. 

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