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10 things we can do during the coronavirus lockdown


Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) is a new strain that was discovered in2019 and has not been previously identified in humans. Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. As it has been spread among many countries worldwide, the main cities of many countries are now been lockdown. Though it’s hard to switch your daily habits to a completely different way of living, nowadays we must adjust our daily routines.

Below are some meaningful stuff you can do at home while Coronavirus lockdown,


ACTIVE FAMILY TIME during coronavirus lockdown
ACTIVE FAMILY TIME during coronavirus lockdown

As the Coronavirus spreads, staying aside from the community is one of the key strategies of being secure. As the schools and universities start their holidays and workplaces shutting down or moving to remote working, people get enough time to move on with their families. Having a diner sitting around the table and having deep discussions with your parents, kids and siblings will help you to relax and understand each other well. Doing homework and lessons with kids, helping parents in the kitchen and learning some new technological facts with siblings will bond your family together. Spreading love with each other will make your day more meaningful


RESUME HOBBIES WHICH MISSED BY YOURSELF  during coronavirus lockdown

While staying at home due to the Coronavirus lockdown, you get a chance to resume your old hobbies which were missed by your busy daily routines. Watching new TV series, watching movies, baking, sewing, gaming, planting, exercising, reading and writing articles or poems may help you to accept your new routine. You can refresh your mind and recall your memories by engaging in those activities. 


ONLINE STUDIES during coronavirus lockdown
ONLINE STUDIES during coronavirus lockdown

Though you are lockdown in your houses, you cannot pause your studies. Many universities, colleges and schools have arranged online teaching methods and tutorials. Following the lessons and tutorials provided by these education centres will help you in exams further. If those are not provided, following tutorials on YouTube or other educational sites may help you to carry on your studies in this lockdown period. Going through all the tough parts and by hard lessons will surely make you a bright person in your classroom. Studying online is more flexible as you can do your studies while being with your family.


discover NEW SKILLs while coronavirus lockdoen
discover NEW SKILLs while coronavirus lockdoen

Here it’s the time for you to come up with your hidden skills. While working at home you can find the best working environment that suits your needs and fix your schedules. In this lockdown period, you can focus on teaching yourself a new skill. Try your best to improve your design skills, build and hack electronic hardware, learn to defend yourself, repair old tools and instruments, learn to play a new instrument, make a website, learn a coding system, create an app and become fluent in a new language may help you to cope with the current situation. Doing an invention in this lockdown period may satisfy yourself too.


Self callback during cornavirus lockdown
Self callback during cornavirus lockdown

This Coronavirus lockdown opens the doors for you to have a self-call-back on your life. Memorizing the life goals and the things you keen to achieve in the past and comparing with your future goals will help you to plan your future. Memorizing the needs, you had in the past and see how you have achieved them and how you have failed to hit your targets may open you a clear path for the future. Sit back, relax and recall all your past challenges and plan a clear way to achieve your future objectives. From today, start to plan your future and work for your goals.


Start ONLINE BUSINESS during  coronavirus lockdown
Start ONLINE BUSINESS during coronavirus lockdown

Starting an online business in this Coronavirus lockdown period will help you to spend this time meaningfully. You can start your way of online business or accompany with an ongoing business. Taking part in an ongoing business will help you to learn more about online businesses and have and clear idea of what’s going on. This will help you to start an online business on your own as you’ll profit from it even after this lockdown period. You can increase your professional skills and improve client services with greater flexibility. Taking the feedback from your clients and making changes accordingly may guide you to a profitable business So, make use of this period.


GET CREATIVE IN KITCHEN during coronavirus lockdown
GET CREATIVE IN KITCHEN during coronavirus lockdown

In this Coronavirus lockdown period, you get plenty of time to go through new recipes and make delicious dishes for your dinner table. The best way to show love to your kids and parents is making them satisfied with their favourite meals. Making traditional dishes with your kids will give them an amazing experience. Try your best to study new ways to cook your kid’s unpleasant herbal dishes as they keen to eat those. Use YouTube tutorials, cooking websites and books to fill your dinner table with a variety of food.


IMPROVING WRITING SKILLS while coronavirus lockdown

This is the best time to do researches and being creative in handling your pen. Writing articles on newspapers, publishing articles on trending websites and writing books may improve your writing skills. Sharing your life experiences or a wonderful imagination as a book will give you an amazing experience. Writing articles on Coronavirus, writing the updates on the current situation and guiding people on the simple ways to cope with the current situation will be effective to society. Use your pen as the most powerful weapon to change the world.


BEING HEALTHY during the coronavirus lockdown

As making the best out of this Coronavirus lockdown period, you can pay extra attention to your health and your daily routines. Dedicate a specified period each day to concern on your health as well as your kids, parents and partner. Start doing exercises and practise Yoga lessons these days. Follow daily diet plans and you can go through websites on health and do researches on YouTube tutorials to get the best healthy routine. And practise to be aware of your unhealthy habits such as smoking and using drugs in this lockdown period and try your very best to carry on it.


CLEAN house during the coronavirus lockdown

This is the best time to have a spring clean as all the family members can join in the cleaning process. Making the house clean and tidy will make you a better living place. Clean and repair all the items and make sure all the retain items are beneficial. You can have a complete colour wash and gain a new look to your house. Having a clean environment in your living place will make you healthy both physically and mentally and protects you from the Coronavirus also. So, make sure to maintain your living place a healthier place. 

As Coronavirus is a worldwide threat, try your best to be safe and be intelligent to handle the current situation. 

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  • Nishen thilanka

    Yes ,it’s beautiful. Small things that
    we can do during the lockdown period.
    Thanks alot for your information. From that We can use our time in a productive manner.
    Keep it up.

    Marzo 23, 2020 a 4:36 pm
  • Harini Natasha

    Very well informed, it’s nice to read these articles in times like this. Extremely helpful ?

    Marzo 23, 2020 a 6:14 pm
  • Chaithika

    Great blog. This is really helpful during times like these and this has focused on things that most people forgets. So stay home and try engaging in some activities mentioned above which will keep you occupied. Thanks again for the blog.

    Marzo 24, 2020 a 3:52 am
  • Sumudu vayona

    grazie mille e apprezzo la tua preziosa idea …. ???

    Marzo 24, 2020 a 7:08 am
  • Harushi

    Well done!
    The tips in this article will definitely help me to spend my lockdown period in a productive manner

    Marzo 24, 2020 a 8:32 am

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